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So I have been following this election pretty closely.  I don’t know how you cant since it is always on the news everyday.  For any of you who watch SNL there was just a clip done that was supposed to be Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton.  It is actually pretty funny.  It looks just Sarah.  Tina Fey was the one who performed it.  I think this will give even more publicity SNL Skit.


What a weekend so far!

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Just thought I would post something on here.  Haven’t done too much this weekend.  I am currently working blackboard assignments for Dr. Tony’s class which is what this is for.  I am also watching football on the TV and thw UNCP-Wingate game.  We are currently losing 17-3.  IF we do lose this hopefully next weekend we will dominate and show them hat we can do. 

I am gearing up for tomorrow when we finish doing Pine Needle layout so corrections cant start being made on Monday and finished up on Tuesday so it can go to press and arrive on Wednesday so all of you can read it.  This is going to be another great issue.  It should be 16 pages with the 2 sections.  Hopefully you guys all read it.  This first issue is still flying off the stands.  I think this is the most we have ever ditributed.  I know that at Pembroke day we went through many.  If anyone is interested in working for us stop by the office in Old Main or contact a person on staff.

This is all I have for now.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

Work in progress

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Hey everyone I am jsut starting this blog and it is for my Media a Politics clss.  Look for things on here in the near future.